publication day

Nevernight is out NOW!

Never flinch. Never fear. Never forget. The incredible Nevernight is out now, and here are just a few of the reviews… ‘If you love Robin Hobb or George R.R. Martin, you will adore Nevernight‘ Starburst Magazine ‘The Venetian-style city, colorful profanity and quick-witted banter of Scott Lynch’s Gentlemen Bastards;… Read More

Guest Post: Graeme K. Talboys on The Archaeology of Writing

Our wonderful author Graeme K. Talboys’ paperback of STEALING INTO WINTER is available now and he’s written a guest blog for us on how he approaches writing. With a tale about a world built on top of the ruins of a mysterious ancient society, it’s fitting that archaeology plays a vital part in the… Read More

Publication Day: Graeme K. Talboys – Stealing into Winter

Graeme K. Talboys’ Stealing into Winter is out now in paperback! This is a thrilling, epic adventure and it has an absolutely wonderful lead character, Jeniche, who is always in the right place at the right time – for anyone who needs a singular helping hand. A breathtaking tale of adventure,… Read More

Guest post: A.F.E. Smith on the Power of Names

It’s the paperback publication day for A.F.E. Smith’s fantasy-meets-murder-mystery DARKHAVEN, the first book in her Darkhaven Novels sequence. A fearsome (and awesome) ruling family of shapeshifters deserves a name that’s as complex and badass as they are – but why does ‘Nightshade’ work do the job so perfectly?   Many fantasy writers, Ursula Le… Read More

Paperback publication day for Among Wolves

It’s publication day for the paperback of Nancy K. Wallace’s fable-based fantasy AMONG WOLVES! We’ve already had some really lovely reviews in of this French-inspired tale: ‘I had a fantastic time with Among Wolves. I tore through the book wanting to discover what would happen to Devon, Armand, Marcus, Gaspard and… Read More

Joe Abercrombie on Writing the Shattered Sea

It’s publication day for Joe’s brilliant final instalment of the Shattered Sea trilogy, HALF A WAR. He’s joined us to share his experience of writing this incredible series and releasing the books in quick, reader-pleasing succession. My plan for the three Shattered Sea books was to write much shorter,… Read More

Publication Day: Ingrid Seymour’s IGNITE THE SHADOWS

It’s publication day for Ingrid Seymour’s thrilling debut Ignite the Shadows! Buy it here and follow the author on Twitter @Ingrid_Seymour  and at Marci feels possessed by shadowy spectres that take control of her body and make her do crazy things. Read More

Mark Lawrence’s Prince of Fools is out today!

It’s the start of something special… the first book in a new trilogy from Mark Lawrence is released today in hardback. If you haven’t read Mark Lawrence before, here’s what Publishing Director Jane Johnson has to say about him: “I’ve spent 30 years working in the SF and… Read More

Sever is published today

Time is running out for Rhine… The final part in Lauren DeStefano’s incredible Chemical Garden series is released today! Find out more about it right here. Read More

Autumn Rose and Ever After publish today!

Two fantastic titles are published today – the sexy, steamy follow up to last year’s phenomenon The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire and Kim Harrison’s electrifying Ever After is released in paperback… Her fate is set in stone… Autumn… Read More

The Echo is out today

The stunning sequel to James Smythe’s critically acclaimed literary sci-fi novel The Explorer. TWENTY YEARS following the disappearance of the infamous Ishiguro – the first manned spacecraft to travel deeper into space than ever before – humanity are setting their sights on… Read More