Our top picks for your 2021 TBR pile

Setting your reading resolutions for 2021? Determined to lose yourself in more incredible fantasy this year? Never fear, Voyager is here to share some of the incredible books we are publishing this year. From your favourite bloodthirsty authors to enchanting debuts, there’s something for everyone*. 

*BEWARE: this blog and the special editions within may cause excessive impulse spending. Proceed with caution.

Empire of the Vampire

You know where you are with Jay’s books. Violence? Yep. Heart? Definitely. Will it make you cry? A given. Swearing. Yes – please don’t put it in the YA section! However, Empire of the Vampire is unlike anything you’ve read before, from Jay or anyone else. Jay has created such a rich and enchanting world of vampires, knights and endless darkness, it will swallow you whole and you’ll find yourself thinking about it for days, weeks and months after finishing. We couldn’t be more excited for this book. One to pre-order and count down the days until release. With a plethora of special editions and two more books in the series to come, you won’t be disappointed.


Vintage shops that sell memories. Underground libraries where librarians feed off words. Get ready to be totally spellbound this year by Cari Thomas’s spectacular fantasy debut, Threadneedle. 2021 is set to be an entire season of the witch as we meet 16-year-old Anna, living under strict rules with her fanatical Aunt, and we’re introduced to a magical coven creating chaos against the backdrop of modern London. With hints of Netflix’s Sabrina The Teenage Witch, The Craft, and even a bit of Skins (clubs where you can get high on magic, anyone?), this is one you definitely don’t want to miss. Plus, you can get the sinful scarlet special edition from our friends at Waterstones – magical.

The Court Of Miracles

‘Let them read paperbacks!’ Something that Marie Antoinette did not in fact shout to the masses, but nonetheless this Les Miserables-inspired Sunday Times bestseller is coming out in a new format so we’re going to shout about it. Kester Grant’s debut wowed fiction fans with its alternate history of the French Revolution and the timeless Epoine’s new, feistier fate as an assassin for the Court of Miracles. If you missed out on the hardback now is your chance to get in on the first book in what’s shaping up to be a spectacular series.

The Girl and the Mountain

The Girl and the Stars was such a highlight last year and book two in this series is already a guiding light for us in 2021. We can’t wait to see Yaz rise up against the ancient priests, save some innocents and uncover seriously icy truths.

The Desert Prince

The Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author of The Demon Cycle is back and returning to his most-loved world. The characters might be different – in fact the children of our Demon Cycle heroes – but be prepared to pick some new favourites because Peter Brett has created a whole new cast of characters to fall in love with. That’s not to say some of your old faves won’t be returning *wink*. Perfect for existing fans and as an entry point into Peter V. Brett’s work, The Desert Prince is just what you’ve been waiting for.

Meet Me In Another Life

The story of Thora and Santi in Meet Me in Another Life will leave you breathless. It’s not a love story, but it is a story about love and all the things two people can mean to each other. Catriona Silvey has woven a powerful, beautiful debut in which you’ll fall in love with two characters who keep meeting over and over again in different lives. As the lines between their lives blur they realise they’re meant to find each other – why exactly that is will be up to them to find out. If they don’t, they might be meeting again for the last time. You’ll be racing through to solve the mystery of Thora and Santi and we can’t wait for you to meet them.

The Righteous

David Wragg exploded onto the scene with his fantasy debut Black Hawks, filled with swears, a brilliant cast of characters (and Lemon), swords, political machinations and a cliffhanger that readers got very upset about (sorry). The Righteous picks up where Black Hawks left off and explodes into an epic conclusion. A must-read for fans of The Witcher and Joe Abercrombie.

Reaper of Souls

We are so excited for the next installment in the Kingdom of Souls Trilogy! How will Arrah and Rudjek prepare for all-out war with the Demon King? Will their romance prevail? The stakes are positively mythical and we can’t wait to return to this exhilarating, West African-inspired setting with such deliciously dangerous magic!

The Shadow In The Glass

Once upon a time… there was a gorgeously gothic retelling of Cinderella set in Victorian London guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine! This March debut is a wish come true for fans of fairy tales looking for something a little spooky.

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