#BFIVoyager – Author Lineup

Al Robertson

Dr Caroline Edwards

Chris Brosnahan

Christi J Whitney

Claire North

David Cronenberg

Dean Johnson

Derek Landy

Emmi Itaranta

Erik Laan

Francesca Haig

Garth Nix and Ilona Andrews

Gerrard Cowan

Guy Haley

Henry V O’Neill

Ingrid Seymour

James Smythe

Janet Edwards

Jason W LaPier

Jeff Pearce

Jeff VanderMeer

Joanne Harris

John Ayliff

Jon Courtenany Grimwood

Kim Stanley Robinson

Laline Paull

Larry Rostant

Laura Liddell Nolen

Liesel Schwarz

Marcus Chown

Margaret Atwood

Mark Lawrence

Matt Haig

Michael Marshall

Natasha Bardon

Nic Tatano

Nick Harkaway

Observatory Press

Rowan Hooper

Scott Harrison

Stanley Donwood

Steve Rowe

Veronica Roth


Will Wiles

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