Meet Gerrard Cowan ( @GerrardCowan) – #BFIVoyager

 gcTell us about yourself

I’m a writer and editor from Derry and the author of The Machinery, which is being published by HarperVoyager in September 2015. I’m a News Editor at the Wall Street Journal, where I edit the business section of the European paper.

I live in South East London with my wife and one year old son.

Tell us about your latest book

The Machinery has Selected the leaders of the Overland for millennia, picking the best people to lead the state, no matter their age, profession, social standing etc. However, there is a legend that the Machinery will break in the 10,000th year, and bring ruin for all. We are now in the 10,000th year.

 Your favourite Sci-Fi film (s) and why?

Definitely The Matrix, which I’d say is my favourite film full stop, not just sci-fi. I remember going to see it with my friends when it first came out and being absolutely blown away by the special effects, which were totally game changing. Combined with a terrific, original storyline and great writing, it stands up very well fifteen years later.

 Greatest Sci-Fi film moment?

 Following on from the above, it’s got to be the very end of the Matrix, when Neo hangs up the phone and Rage Against the Machine kicks in!

 Which fictional planet would you like to live on, and why?

I think Coruscant, from Star Wars. You could never get bored on a city the size of a planet.

 Favourite technology from science fiction that you wish had happened?

Everyone says this, but it’s got to be the transporters from Star Trek. There are no words to describe how cool that would be.


Have you ever met anyone who has been abducted by aliens?

Not that they’ve admitted, but I have my suspicions.

Outside of literature and film, what inspires your writing?

I first got into fantasy when I was a child, and was probably inspired as much by playing Games Workshop as I was by reading books! Building up armies and painting the figurines (very badly, in my case) was great fun, though I generally lost.

Are you on social media?

Yes, I’m @GerrardCowan on Twitter.

Gerrard’s book, The Machinery, is to be published by HarperVoyager in September 2015.

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