Meet Chris Brosnahan (@chrisbrosnahan) – #BFIVoyager

cbTell us about yourself

I’m a long-time Science-Fiction fan and writer. I’m in my mid-thirties. I also write crime and horror.

 Tell us about your latest book

My latest one is a crime thriller, called Deadlines. It’s being published in an innovative weekly format by a start-up publisher called The Pigeonhole. My first book, published last year, was a Science-Fiction thriller – called POV – involving nanotechnology, body modification and clones.

 What sparked your love of Sci-Fi?

When I was a kid, I was a big fan of the Transformers – especially the weekly comic, written by Simon Furman. Now, you’d have thought that a weekly comic about a toy franchise could have been lazy, but Furman put together some pretty epic stories. He didn’t talk down to the readers at all, and he wrote some ambitious, smart sci-fi stories.

 Your favourite Sci-Fi film (s) and why?

The Day The Earth Caught Fire. It’s a film about the world slowly ending, and it’s a smart, slow-burn (no pun intended) thriller, that’s all about how people react.

 Your favourite Sci-Fi book (s) and why?

 The War of the Worlds. One of the most influential books ever written.

 Book v film?

 Depends on the book and/or the film.

Greatest Sci-Fi book character?

Spider Jerusalem in the Transmetropolitan comic series. Hunter S Thompson in the future. Just angrier. And on more drugs.

 Greatest Sci-Fi film moment?

 The chest-burster scene in Alien. Absolutely terrifying.

 Sci-fi or Science Fiction?

SF, if I’m writing it. Or Science-Fiction.

Is there a Sci-Fi book you’d like to see made into a film?

 Well, mine. But failing that, a film of Neuromancer that actually does justice would be a game-changer.

Favourite technology from science fiction that you wish had happened?

Lightsabers, and anyone that says otherwise is lying.

 Advice for any young people starting their Sci-Fi journey – essential viewing/reading?

 If you want to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey, try to see it in the cinema. It’s an experience more than a movie.

 Have you ever met anyone who has been abducted by aliens?

No, but I saw a UFO once. Although I eventually figured out what I really saw.

Outside of literature and film, what inspires your writing?

A general love of stories and the belief we all have things in common.

Are you on social media?

I’m on twitter at @chrisbrosnahan

Chris Brosnahan’s lateset novel is available to purchase here.

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