Great romance in SFF

When you think of romance in films and books, you probably think of rom coms, chicklit or bodice ripper Mills & Boon books. But we think some of the best love stories in history are actually found in sci-fi and fantasy! In honour of Valentine’s Day, here are some of the team’s top romantic relationships…

Jane Johnson: Defying definition, convention and all social and personal boundaries, there is no romance more touching or elusive than that between Fitz and the Fool. Marriage, fatherhood, duty and near-death have come between them since the days they became best friends amid the dangers at Buckkeep’s court. Robin Hobb has teased readers for the best part of 20 years about the love these two wonderful characters share. Will she finally bring them back together in FOOL’S ASSASSIN?

Eleanor Ashfield: Reversing the traditional seduction rituals, constantly bickering, and competitive, Ygritte and Jon Snow’s relationship is anything but your typical romance. Whilst you cannot be sure whether they want to fight or kiss, nevertheless, the lovers from two different sides of the Wall embark on one of the stormiest affairs I’ve ever read.

Natasha Bardon: My favourite is between Tyrion and himself in A Song of Ice and Fire. Greatest love story of all time.

Katie Sadler: Another vote for Robin Hobb here – my favourite romance from any novel is Alise and Leftrin in the Rain Wild Chronicles. Their relationship is so tender and beautiful as it develops and when they (spoiler alert) eventually get together, it’s a wonderful thing to read. And when (another spoiler alert) Alise’s awful husband Hest is eaten by one of the dragons, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to read of someone’s demise…

What’s your favourite SFF romance? Tell us by midnight on the 16th February and we’ll pick one winner at random to receive three HarperVoyager books.

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