War in Heaven

By David Zindell

A triumphant close to The Requiem for Homo Sapiens – an epic tour de force that began with The Broken God and was followed by The Wild.

Danlo wi Soli Ringess now has the greatest mission of his life to complete. With Bertram Jaspari’s evil Architects terrorising the universe with their killing star – the morrashar – and Hanuman’s Ringists intent on converting the rest of humanity to the Way of Ringess, Danlo must somehow try to prevent War in Heaven.

Behind him travels an army of lightships, commanded by the ever-larger-than-life Bardo, falling from fixed-point to fixed-point throughout the deep, dark spaces of the Vild, ready to do battle, if they must, with the Ringists’ fleet, lying in ambush for them beyond the Star of Neverness.

War in Heaven brings to a cataclysmic finale the most amazing and awe-inspiring journey in modern science fiction, combining the ultimate in space adventure with philosophy, mathematics, spirituality and superb characterization. It is truly the greatest romantic epic of modern sf.

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 07 Jan 2010
Pages: 800
ISBN: 978-0-586-21191-5
After studying philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, and physics, David Zindell moved to the Rocky Mountains to devote himself to skiing, rock climbing, and writing. Writing won out and became the passion of his life. His story ‘Shanidar’ won the Writers of the Future contest, and he was nominated for a Hugo award for best new writer of the year. His internationally bestselling novel Neverness was shortlisted for the Arthur C Clark Award. His successive works include the Requiem For Homo Sapiens trilogy and epic Grail quest, The Ea Cycle. His most recent novels were The Idiot Gods, which tells of the orca Arjuna’s quest to speak to the human race about the future of life on earth, and The Remembrancer\'s Tale, a return to the Neverness universe.

‘Neverness streaked across the firmament as one of the great romantic epics of modern sf… in The Broken God Zindell’s combination of adventure, metaphysics, and intellectual debate works marvellously, leaving you ready for more.’Locus -

‘The ideas are hard sf with philosophical undertones, and the story is compelling. Zindell makes you think’New Scientist on The Wild -