Under Heaven

By Guy Gavriel Kay

An epic historical adventure set in an alternate 8th century China, from the author of the 2008 World Fantasy winner, Ysabel. Under Heaven is a novel of heroes, assassins, concubines and emperors set against a majestic and unforgiving landscape.

Honour is beyond measure
But its price may be an empire…

For two years Shen Tai has mourned his celebrated father and lived like a hermit beyond the borders of the Kitan Empire. There, by a mountain lake, the bones of the soldiers killed in great battles between the Kitai and the Tagurans lie unburied and their wailing ghosts strike terror into the living.

Tai has laboured alone, laying to rest the mingled dead of both empires, until a letter arrives. It contains the promise of a poisoned chalice: Tai will be given two hundred and fifty Sardian horses by the Tagurans, legendary steeds from the far west, as a reward for his courage and piety.

Now, Tai must try to return alive from solitude to a glittering, dangerous court. For to give a man even one of the famed Sardians is to honour him greatly; to give him so many is a reward which would overwhelm an emperor, and could be Tai’s death warrant.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 03 Feb 2011
Pages: 576
ISBN: 978-0-00-734210-5
Guy Gavriel Kay was born and raised in Canada. In 1974-5 he spent a year in Oxford assisting Christopher Tolkien in his editorial construction of J R R Tolkien’s posthumously published THE SILMARILLION. He took a law degree at the University of Toronto on his return to Canada and was admitted to the Bar of Ontario in 1981. Guy Gavriel Kay lives in Toronto.

Praise for UNDER HEAVEN: -

”'An impressive, absorbing performance by one of fantasy's top writers” - Daily Mail

”'Kay delivers an exquisitely detailed vision of a land much like Tang Dynasty China… the complex intrigues of poets, prostitutes, ministers and soldiers evolve into a fascinating, sometimes bloody, and entirely believable tale” - Publishers Weekly

”'Part dynastic stuggle, part love story, part examination of duty versus personal freedom, UNDER HEAVEN boasts a complex plot replete with subterfuge and driven by well-drawn characters, Shen Tai himself being a particularly rich creation” - SFX Magazine

Praise for Guy Gavriel Kay: -

”'A fine, intelligent series. Probably the best of its kind” - British Fantasy Society

”'A remarkable achievement. The essence of high fantasy” - Locus