The Remembrancer’s Tale

By David Zindell

‘David Zindell is one of the finest talents to appear since Kim Stanley Robinson and William Gibson – perhaps the finest’ Gene Wolfe

What happens when a man tasked with developing perfect memory forgets the most important thing in the universe?

After a cataclysmic stellar war, peace has come to the trillion human beings who live on the Civilized Worlds. In Neverness, the City of Light, the pilots of the Order of Mystic Mathematicians resume their ancient quest to discover the real purpose of the human race. Crucial to their success will be a mastery of the One Memory, believed to hold the secret of how humanity might evolve.

Thomas Rane is the Order’s Lord Remembrancer. He has become the teacher to a new generation of humans called the Asta Siluuna – the star children – and so has a crucial part to play in the development of the human race. But at the end of the war, his beloved – the mysterious and beautiful Maria – died.

Memory is strange, and Rane comes to believe that Maria might have survived the storm. Perhaps a memory virus left over from the war has robbed her of her identity and she wanders the streets of Neverness, lost and alone. Perhaps she’s still out there, among the stars.

Format: ebook
Release Date: 16 Feb 2023
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-849570-1
After studying philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, and physics, David Zindell moved to the Rocky Mountains to devote himself to skiing, rock climbing, and writing. Writing won out and became the passion of his life. His story ‘Shanidar’ won the Writers of the Future contest, and he was nominated for a Hugo award for best new writer of the year. His internationally bestselling novel Neverness was shortlisted for the Arthur C Clark Award. His successive works include the Requiem For Homo Sapiens trilogy and epic Grail quest, The Ea Cycle. His most recent novels were The Idiot Gods, which tells of the orca Arjuna’s quest to speak to the human race about the future of life on earth, and The Remembrancer\'s Tale, a return to the Neverness universe.

”'David Zindell is one of the finest talents to appear since Kim Stanley Robinson and William Gibson ” - perhaps the finest’Gene Wolfe

‘NEVERNESS streaked across the firmament as one of the great romantic epics of modern SF’Locus -

‘Philip K. Dick would have been proud to conjure up such philosophies’Manchester Evening News -