The Last Theorem: Deluxe edition

By Arthur C. Clarke and Frederik Pohl, Foreword by Brian Aldiss

This deluxe illustrated edition features five exclusive full-colour paintings, a specially reset text and is housed in its own slipcase. Limited to just 500 copies, it is signed by Frederik Pohl, Brian Aldiss, who provides a foreword, and the artist, John Harris. Arthur C Clarke’s signature appears as a facsimile.

30 light years away, a race known simply as the One Point Fives are plotting a dangerous invasion plan, one that will wipe humankind off the face of the Earth…

Meanwhile, in Sri Lanka, a young astronomy student, Ranjit Subramanian, becomes obsessed with a three-hundred-year-old theorem that promises to unlock the secrets of the universe. While Ranjit studies the problem, tensions grow between the nations of the world and a UN taskforce headed up by China, America and Russia code-named Silent Thunder begins bombing volatile regimes into submission.

On the eve of the invasion of Earth a space elevator is completed, helped in part by Ranjit, which will herald a new type of Olympics to be held on the Moon. But when alien forces arrive Ranjit is forced to question his own actions, in a bid to save the lives of not just his own family but of all of humankind.

Co-written with fellow grand master Frederik Pohl, The Last Theorem not only provides a fitting end to the career one of the most famous names in science fiction but also sets a new benchmark in contemporary prescient science fiction. It tackles with ease epic themes as diverse as third world poverty, the atrocities of modern warfare in a post-nuclear age, space elevators, pure mathematics and mankind’s first contact with extra-terrestrials.

This deluxe quarterbound edition features five stunning colour plates by acclaimed artist, John Harris, which were specially commissioned for this edition, and a foreword by fellow SF grandmaster Brian Aldiss. The book features the fully reset and corrected text, is signed by all contributors (Arthur C Clarke’s signature appears in facsimile) and is limited to just 500 numbered copies; it is housed in a matching slipcase and will be a treasured addition to any collector’s library.

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 16 Nov 2008
Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-0-00-730468-4
Detailed Edition: Deluxe edition
Born in Somerset in 1917, Arthur C. Clarke has written over sixty books, among which are the science fiction classics 2001: A Space Odyssey, Childhood’s End, The City and the Stars and Rendezvous With Rama. He has won all the most prestigious science fiction trophies, and shared an Oscar nomination with Stanley Kubrick for the screenplay of the film of 2001. He was knighted in 1998. He died in 2008 at his home in Sri Lanka.

‘Clarke is one of the greatest imaginative writers of hard science fiction’New Scientist -

‘Arthur Clarke is one of the true geniuses of our time’Ray Bradbury -

‘Arthur C. Clarke is the prophet of the space age’The Times -

‘A one-man literary Big Bang, Clarke has originated his own vast and teeming futurist universe’Sunday Times -

‘Arthur C. Clarke is blessed with one of the most astounding imaginations ever encountered in print’New York Times -

‘One of the truly prophetic figures of the space age… the colossus of science fiction’New Yorker -

”'The most consistently able writer science fiction has yet produced” - Kingsley Amis on Frederik Pohl

”'In his grasp of scientific and technological possibilities, Pohl ranks with Asimov and Clarke, but he has greater originality than either” - Sunday Times

”'I want to be remembered most as a writer - one who entertained readers, and, hopefully, stretched their imagination as well” - Arthur C Clarke