The Dragon-Charmer

By Jan Siegel

English fantasy at its best, The Dragon-Charmer follows the exciting debut from Jan Siegel, Prospero’s Children.

Twelve years have passed since the traumatic events that took place in Prospero’s Children, and it seems that Fern Capel has almost succeeded in putting aside the memory of that magical, terrifying summer, when she fought a witch, fell in love, and made a deal with a demon. More tellingly, she has denied the ancient heritage that will allow her mastery of the Gift.

But the past is about to catch up with her. Fern is soon to marry the academic and media personality, Marcus Greig – some twenty years her senior – and he has decided that they should hold the wedding at the Capels’ summer home in Yarrowdale. When Fern returns to the house with her best friend, Gaynor, ancient forces are awoken once more, and Fern will find that she is once again forced to choose between love and destiny.

The Dragon-Charmer continues the lyrical, richly atmospheric and enthralling tale begun in Prospero’s Children. Spellbinding in its depiction of places both familiar and strange, of characters both magical and sinister, it is classic English fantasy at its finest.

Author: Jan Siegel
Format: ebook
Release Date: 01 May 2009
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-732181-0
Jan Siegel has already lived through one lifetime – during which she travelled the world and supported herself through a variety of professions, including that of actress, barmaid, garage hand, laboratory assistant, journalist and model. Her new life is devoted to her writing, but she also finds time to ride, ski and attend the opera.

‘A piece of pure magic - a charming, eccentric, and powerfully imaginative work of fantasy which will enchant readers for years to come.’Clive Barker -

‘A lyrical, captivating first novel of mermaids, magic, lost worlds and found souls. Once read, this book will not be forgotten’Terry Brooks -