The Crucible Trilogy - The Crippled Angel (The Crucible Trilogy, Book 3)

By Sara Douglass

The third book of The Crucible, an exciting new historical fantasy from the author of the popular Axis Trilogy.

The crises enveloping Europe begin to alter the mentality of the world. People are no longer content with their lot in life; they have grown ambitious and disruptive. The Church is losing its grip, not only are the heresies raging out of control, but more and more priests are speaking out against the Roman Church… the order of the world is dissolving into chaos.

Neville faces his own crisis as he begins to question his faith. Inflitrating many social circles, gathering information for the Church, he meets the heretic priest John Wycliffe and the peasant rebel Wat Tyler. He suspects strongly that they are shapeshifting demons… yet he cannot help but agree with their criticisms of the traditional structures of society and of the Church itself.

Neville does not know it, but his soul has become the ultimate battleground. The choices he makes will dictate the final outcome of the battle between the forces of good, and those of evil.

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 04 Jul 2011
Pages: 480
ISBN: 978-0-00-710849-7
Sara Douglass was born in Penola, South Australia, and spent her early working life as a nurse. Rapidly growing tired of starched veils, mitred corners and irascible anaesthetists, she worked her way through three degrees at the University of Adelaide, culminating in a PhD in early modern English history. Sara Douglass currently teaches medieval history of La Trobe University, Bendigo and escapes academia through her writing.

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