The Brian Aldiss Collection - The Complete Short Stories: The 1960s (Part 1) (The Brian Aldiss Collection)

By Brian Aldiss

Following on from the 1950s collection, this is the second collection of Brian Aldiss’ short stories, taken from the 1960s. A must-have for collectors. Part one of four.

This collection gathers together, for the very first time, Brian Aldiss’ complete catalogue of short stories from the 1960s, in four parts.

Taken from diverse and often rare sources, the works in this collection chart the blossoming career of one of Britain’s most beloved authors. From stories of high-tech hive minds hunting wild robots, to the story of Mr Meacher, who is given an injection which helps him gain a dimension, this book proves once again that Aldiss’ gifted prose and unparalleled imagination never fail to challenge and delight.
The four books of the 1960s short story collection are must-have volumes for all Aldiss fans, and an excellent introduction to the work of a true master.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 24 Sep 2015
Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-0-00-748228-3
Brian Aldiss, OBE, was a fiction and science fiction writer, poet, playwright, critic, memoirist and artist. Born in Norfolk in 1925, after leaving the army, Aldiss worked as a bookseller, which provided the setting for his first book, The Brightfount Diaries (1955). His first published science fiction work was the story ‘Criminal Record’, which appeared in Science Fantasy in 1954. Passing away in 2017, over the course of his life Aldiss wrote nearly 100 books and over 300 short stories – becoming one of the pre-eminent science fiction writers of the 20th and 21st century.

”'Britain’s finest science-fiction writer.” - Tribune

”'Once again he demonstrates the power of his imagination.” - Daily Mail

”'It’s a terrific yarn, but more than that; as Aldiss casually throws out ideas and speculations, it’s a reminder of why he’s one of the giants of the field.” - SFX Magazine

”'One of our best novelists.” - William Boyd

”'A rattling good yarn” - Daily Telegraph

”'Brian Aldiss is one of those writers who can stand back and look out across the vast fictional landscape of sciences fiction, and consider himself both a creator and a destroyer of worlds; a mortal God if you will.” - Starburst Magazine

'For decades, Brian Aldiss has been among our most prolific and consistently stylish writers.' Telegraph -

”'Frightening, gripping… not one for the squeamish” - Illustrated London News

”'The best of British science fiction writers” - Scotsman