The Complete Liveship Traders Trilogy: Ship of Magic, The Mad Ship, Ship of Destiny

By Robin Hobb

‘Fantasy as it ought to be written’ George R.R. Martin

The Liveship Traders trilogy returns readers to Robin Hobb’s most loved world.

The perilous waters of the Rain River Wilds can only be negotiated by sentient liveships made of Wizardwood, but such a ship is difficult to come by. Rare and valuable, it will quicken only when three family members from successive generations have died on board.

The liveship Vivacia is about to undergo her quickening as Althea Vestrit’s dying father is carried on to her deck. Althea waits with both sadness and awe for the ship that she loves more than anything in the world to awaken, only to find that her family have other plans for them both…

Liveship Traders Trilogy by international betselling author Robin Hobb.

Author: Robin Hobb
Format: ebook
Release Date: 13 Dec 2012
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-751446-5
Robin Hobb is one of the world’s finest writers of epic fiction.She was born in California in 1952 but raised in Alaska, where she learned how to raise a wolf cub, to skin a moose and to survive in the wilderness. When she married a fisherman who fished herring and the Kodiak salmon-run for half the year, these skills would stand her in good stead. She raised her family, ran a smallholding, delivered post to her remote community, all at the same time as writing stories and novels. She succeeded on all fronts, raising four children and becoming an internationally best-selling writer. She lives in Tacoma, Washington State.

'Hobb is one of the great modern fantasy writers… what makes her novels as addictive as morphine is not just their imaginative brilliance but the way her characters are compromised and manipulated by politics.'The Times -

'Robin Hobb writes achingly well'SFX -

Praise for The Liveship Traders series:'Even better than the Assassin books. I didn't think that was possible'George R R Martin -

'Hobb is a remarkable storyteller.'Guardian -