Tales of the Plains - The Company of the Wolf (Tales of the Plains, Book 2)

By David Wragg

Full of David Wragg’s unique blend of humour, heart, and high stakes, The Company of the Wolf is the epic next instalment in the Tales of the Plains trilogy.

Seeking a better life, Ree and Javani have travelled west into the mountains, and left their pasts – and their troubles – behind. But new places bring new problems, and when they stumble across a lone traveller under bandit attack, they make the mistake of lending a hand.

Forced to take refuge in the traveller’s village, they quickly find allies among the lush, wooded hills. But then the true nature of the bandits is revealed.

With winter approaching and a vengeful company of mercenaries circling like wolves, Ree and Javani must uncover the secrets of this peaceful valley … or risk the ruin of it all.

“Wragg’s brand of fantasy deserves its own name: grassroots fantasy. Small in scale, large in heart, with underdog heroes you can’t help but root for.” Amber A. Logan, Author of The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 29 Aug 2024
Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-0-00-853377-9
Dave Wragg really got into writing stories just as he finished English GCSE, then took about twenty years to get back to it. In the meantime, he studied software engineering, worked in global shipping and technical consultancy, and once spent a year in the Foreign Office ‘hiding in the basement’.He currently does Software Odd Jobs around central London. In his vanishingly rare free time (when not working, writing, or enjoying the fruits of parenthood), he tries to consume as much digital entertainment as possible, as well as reading genre fiction and enjoying the odd board game. Some of them are very odd indeed.Dave lives in Hertfordshire with his wife, two small daughters and two smaller cats.


”'Full of whip-smart dialogue, brutal action and brilliant characters. It is barnstorming modern fantasy and not to be missed.” -

Gareth Brown, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Book of Doors -

'The magicless fantasy I didn't know I needed.' -

Amber A. Logan, author of The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn -


‘Reminds me of Abercrombie’s THE BLADE ITSELF’ -

Nicholas Eames, author of KINGS OF THE WYLD -

'A grimdark, no magic, thriller-paced western fantasy, filled with outrageous dark humor and razor-sharp prose…It is just so much fun.' -

Sunyi Dean, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Book Eaters -

‘Refreshing and entertaining, like a cross between Nicholas Eames and Joe Abercrombie; THE BLACK HAWKS is simply a joy to read’ -

Peter McLean, author of PRIEST OF BONES -

‘Wragg captures the classic fantasy spirit of adventure and exploration, wraps it with stabbed backs and cannibals and gifts it to you on a bed of action’ -

Ed McDonald, author of BLACKWING -

‘Everyone loves a good mercenary tale, but THE BLACK HAWKS offers more besides: a protagonist who's refreshingly rubbish at fighting, a supporting cast who'd be fascinating if they were just standing around in a supermarket, and an author who knows when to dodge cliches, and when to jump in and splash like a kid in a puddle’ -

Nate Crowley, author of 100 BEST VIDEO GAMES (THAT NEVER EXISTED) -

‘Check out THE BLACK HAWKS - it’s full of fun characters, mercenary antics, twists, turns, and contains my favourite fantasy lemon’ -

Peter Newman, Gemmell Award-winning author of THE VAGRANT and THE DEATHLESS -

‘A remarkably assured debut…I can’t wait to see what happens next’ -

Anna Stephens, author of GODBLIND -