The Cage of Nine Banestones: The Pearl Saga Volume Three

By Eric Van Lustbader

The third volume in this epic fantasy in the tradition of Frank Herbert’s phenomenal DUNE series.

For one hundred and one years the Kundalans have lived under the oppressive yoke of the V’ornn invaders. But according to prophecy a saviour, the Dar Sala-at, will arrive at their hour of greatest need. And by the forging together of two souls – those of a V’ornn prince and a young Kundalan woman named Riane – this hero has now been incarnated.

But the sauromicians, a secret society of outcast sorcerers, are plotting the Dar Sala-at’s downfall. At their disposal they have eight ancient banestones, recovered from the sacred buried city of Za Hara-at. Each stone is a source of immense malevolent power, but if the sauromicians find the final missing stone, all nine together will form an engine of unimaginable destruction, bringing doom to Kundala and all of her inhabitants.

Although beset by enemies on all sides, Riane is aided in her quest by a loyal and loving group of trusted friends, both V’ornn and Kundalan. Together they are committed to overcoming the dangers in their path to ensure that Riane fulfils the prophecy and Kundala is released from peril.

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 04 Jul 2011
Pages: 640
ISBN: 978-0-00-648609-1
Eric Lustbader is the bestselling author of Second Skin, The Kaisho, The Miko and White Ninja, all starring Nicholas Linnear. He graduated from Columbia University in 1969. He spent fifteen years in the music industry, including working for both Elektra and CBS Records, and writing for Cash Box magazine. He has also been a teacher. He lives with his wife in Southampton, New York.

Praise for the Pearl Saga: -

'An imaginative otherworldly culture clash between technology and spirituality … a potent portal to fabulous mythic realms' Publishers Weekly -

'Lustbader creates intriguing and conflicted characters and spins a complex world of religion, magic and technology around them' -

'The centuries long occupation of Kundala and its by now subtle oppressions is ably drawn … pulls all the right levers' SFX -