Threadneedle - Shadowstitch (Threadneedle, Book 2)

By Cari Thomas

The SUNDAY TIMES bestselling series continues…

Praise for world of THREADNEEDLE

‘Enthralling and original fantasy’
Jay Kristoff, SUNDAY TIMES bestselling author of NEVERNIGHT and EMPIRE OF THE VAMPIRE

Anna survived the attempt to bind her magic, but Anna and her coven aren’t free from danger yet.

Haunted by her aunt’s death, living in fear of her curse, and fated to love the one man she can never have, the last thing Anna needs is a witch hunt. Now she must conceal her magic once more or risk losing everything.

But when deadly hysteria strikes across the capital, and in her own school, the coven are left dangerously exposed. Delving deeper into the magical underworld of London, Anna and her twin sister Effie must find a way to work together to protect the coven.

But as the witch hunt intensifies and the hysteria spirals out of control, can Effie and Anna truly trust each other?

Format: ebook
Release Date: 06 Jun 2024
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-840707-0
Cari Thomas has always loved magic, inspired by her upbringing among the woods and myths of Wales’s Wye Valley. She studied English and Creative Writing at Warwick University and Magazine Journalism at The Cardiff School of Journalism. Her first job was at teen Sugar magazine, where she ran the book club and quickly realised she wanted to be the one writing the books instead. She went on to work at a creative agency, spending her spare time researching magic and accumulating an unusual collection of occult books. She wrote her first novel, Threadneedle, while living in London, wandering the city and weaving it with all the magic she wished it contained. She now lives in Monmouthshire with her husband and son, who bears the appropriately Celtic name of Taliesin.


”'A rich, muiti-layered and mesmerising journey. Utterly brilliant and addictive. I was totally hooked and felt like I was living Anna's world with her!” - Carly Reagon

”'Shadowstich is a captivating adventure through the magical side of London. Absolutely worth missing my stop on the tube!” - Phoenicia Rogerson

Praise for Cari Thomas -

‘An enthralling and original fantasy, woven inside a magical web of lies’ -

Jay Kristoff, Sunday Times bestselling author of EMPIRE OF THE VAMPIRE -

‘The magic both gleams and threatens. There are riddles and puzzles to be solved and there’s a library - trust me, it’s a good one. You’ll want to give this a try.’ -

Sunday Times bestselling author Robin Hobb -

‘There’s magic in every nook and cranny - as well as shops selling memories - in this fantastical novel that stalks the streets of London’s underbelly’ -


‘A bewitching tale of magic, family secrets and twisted affections, of finding your true self in a world of treacherous mystery. Prepare to be charmed!’ -

David Wragg, author of THE BLACK HAWKS -

‘THREADNEEDLE had me spellbound - a luminous, captivating fantasy that left me longing to return to Thomas’s vividly imagined magical world. With teen witches, hidden libraries, secrets and lies, it’s a dream of a book, and I loved it.’ -

Katie Lowe, author of THE FURIES -

‘The first in a new fantasy trilogy, Anna's aunt has always warned her of the dangers of magic and now, aged 16, she is counting down the days to a ceremony that will bind her magic forever. That is, until her eyes are opened to a London she never knew existed one with a shop that sells memories, a secret underground library and nightclubs full of magic.’ -

Woman Magazine -