By Sarah Micklem

A sumptious love story set within a quasi-medieval world.

A foundling child, Luck -named for the colour of her god-favoured copper hair – is fortunate to be taken in by one of the Blood. She remembers little of her past. Her parents are a vague and teasing memory, but service in the Dame’s household is better than that of most mud folk. She is beaten rarely and is fed well, and, under the Dame’s watchful eye, Luck is even permitted to learn herb lore. But her comfortable world is turned upside when the old Dame dies, and her nephew arrives to claim his inheritance.

Choosing to remain with her friends rather than claim her freedom and strike out alone, Luck’s life is calm until her exotic looks attract the attentions of her new master…

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 06 Mar 2006
Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-0-00-719306-6
Sarah Micklem had jobs in a restaurant, printing plant, sign shop, and refugee resettlement agency before discovering that graphic design was an enjoyable way to make a living. She wrote Firethorn while working as an art director for children\'s magazines in New York City. She lives with her husband, poet and playwright Cornelius Eady, in Washington, DC, where she is writing the second book of the Firethorn trilogy.

‘This is powerful stuff, with a level of physical and emotional realism that is too often missing in fantasy.’The Times -

‘Feminist theory, old magic, sexual politics and a ruthless refusal to ignore the harsher realities of being powerless make for a beguiling book.’Guardian -

'A sweeping adventure saga as mystical as it is raw… this hypnotic tale of passion and survival will resonate with sophisticated readers of both sexes.'Publishers Weekly -

”'Bloody, insightful, emotionally wrenching and beautifully written, Firethorn is…an astonishingly assured debut novel that foretells Sarah Micklem's place among the top rank of high fantasists” - Amazon