The Westlands - A Time of Justice (The Westlands, Book 4)

By Katharine Kerr

In her classic way, Kerr spins a tale of beginnings and ends, of love and heartbreak, as the spiral narrative winds round upon itself in this final installment of The Westlands series.

Days of air and darkness, nights of siege and steel…

A disastrous siege has befallen Cengarn and trapped the Princess Carra behind its walls – the goddess Alshandra has sent a fanatical army to kill Carra’s child at any cost.

But Carra has defenders, both elven and human, with powerful magics at their command: Jill and Dallandra, prepare to battle the evil workings of the mad goddess and stand agaist her.  Meanwhile, Rhodry is flying to their aid with a powerful ally, a dragon sworn to fight the ravaging Horsekin.

But an old enemy lies in wait to prevent him from ever seeing the city – or Jill – again.

In one timeline we return to Jill and Rhodry’s first journey together.  In the other, we meet them as they fight what may be their final war.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 31 Oct 2019
Pages: 416
ISBN: 978-0-00-828752-8
Leaving snowy Ohio for California, Katharine Kerr studied at Stanford University for a spell before dropping out to join some of the many social movements sweeping San Francisco in the 60s. She first became involved in the field of fantasy through role-playing games, writing articles for gaming magazines and authoring early quests for Dungeons and Dragons – all of which soon led her to fantasy writing, with her first Deverry novel, Daggerspell, appearing in 1986. Since then, her Deverry series has hit The Times and the Australian bestseller lists, garnering fans from around the world.‘A criminally under-rated and overlooked epic fantasy sequence [with] a keen sense of history, well drawn characters, and a complex plot.’Kate Elliott, bestselling author‘An unusually scholarly writer of fantasy’Telegraph

Praise for Katharine Kerr and the Deverry novels: -

‘Kerr is an excellent writer, her stories live and breathe - exciting, unpredictable, and engaging in equal measure.’Mark Lawrence -

”'A fantastic plot which turns a simple story into something far more original … a cracking read … engrossing” - SFX

‘A criminally under-rated and overlooked epic fantasy sequence [with] a keen sense of history, well drawn characters, and a complex plot’Kate Elliott, author of the Spiritwalker Trilogy -

”'An unusually scholarly writer of fantasy” - TELEGRAPH

”'Much as I dislike comparing anything to The Lord of the Rings, I have to admit that on this occasion it’s justified” - INTERZONE

”'Kerr is a master of her trade…She has created a world that might very well go on for ever, and this one reader sincerely hopes it does” - VECTOR

”'An extensive and complete world, whose endlessly fascinating details grow book by book” - STARLOG