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We are very excited to announce that today marks the publication of Brian Aldiss’ Complete Short Stories: The 1960s. This collection gathers together, for the very first time, Brian Aldiss’ complete catalogue of short stories from the 1960s, in four parts.

This year also marks Brian Aldiss’ 90th Birthday, and he has written new, fresh and fascinating introductions to each of the four parts of The Complete Short Stories: The 1960s to celebrate this publication. Brian is a one of the legends of science fiction, and has been described by Iain M. Banks, no less, as ‘one of the best SF writers Britain has ever produced’. The 1960s was a particularly prolific time for him. He set himself a target to write a story a day, and whilst he admits that this wasn’t quite possible, especially as he needed to do rewrites too, he did however, manage to produce a total of ninety-one brilliant stories. All of these are now lovingly laid out in this four volume collection.

Many of these stories have only ever appeared in science fiction magazines during the 1960s, when they were written, and have never appeared since in any anthologies. Now Voyager have searched far and wide to bring them together and rearrange them into a full collection.

Taken from diverse and often rare sources, the works in this collection chart the blossoming career of one of Britain’s most beloved authors. From stories of high-tech hive minds hunting wild robots, and the first robot to commit suicide, to the story of Mr Meacher, who is given an injection which helps him gain a dimension, these books proves once again that Aldiss’ gifted prose and unparalleled imagination never fail to challenge and delight. The collection also includes the story of the little boy who finds more companionship from his robot Teddy than he does from his parents — a story which inspired Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster feature film: A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

The four books of the 1960s short story collection are must-have volumes for all Aldiss fans, and an excellent introduction to the work of a true master. If you have never read the work of Brian Aldiss, now is the perfect time to start! Order your copies right now, click here to buy Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four.

If you enjoy his short stories, check out the Brian Aldiss Collection, which includes over 50 books and spans the author’s entire career, from his debut in 1955 to his more recent work.

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