You Win or You Die!

 If, like the rest of us here at Voyager, you are counting down the days till the second Season of Game of Thrones airs in April, we have some links that might keep your occupied. HBO have released a tantalising trailer called ‘You Win or you Die’:

Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer

If you haven’t seen the chilling teaser narrated by Stannis (perfectly cast as the gravelly Stephen Dillane), then look no further! He isn’t too happy that Cersei and Joffrey have usurped his rightful throne.

Stannis Teaser

And if that’s not enough to keep you going, you can get a glimpse of a few more scenes including King’s Landing and the Iron Islands, and some fascinating production insight, in these videos:

Behind the scenes: Croatia

Behind the scenes: Belfast

Finally, you can find a detailed on set diary, updated regularly, with some pretty hilarious posts and videos on costume design and fight choreography:

Our personal favourite, from a post called One Extra to Another:

One extra to another: “I will sword you.”

In the tea tent: “Forget the Baratheons! We must guard the cake. We ARE the chocolate cake guard.”

During a fight: AD: “Can you move to your left?” Soldier: “I can’t. I haven’t got my glasses on.”


April can’t come soon enough!

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