Steampunk: Essential Kit

 The cover from "The Deep of the Dark" by Stephen Hunt   The UK cover for Jack Cloudie by Stephen Hunt

To celebrate the imminent publication of Jack Cloudie (PB) and From the Deep and the Dark (TPB), by Stephen Hunt, here are some suggestions so that you can make sure you have all of the essential Steampunk kit that you need…




1. Goggles


A must-have accessory in any self-respecting Steampunk aficionado’s wardrobe! This smart bronze pair with turquoise glass are perfect for commanding your own airship – or just looking stylish. The author calls them a ‘Time Travel Crazy Scientist’s Oculo-Vision Tool’ – we heartily agree! 

2. Jewellery
There’s so awesome jewellery – look at this ring!! I wonder if it comes with the hand? Anyway! Don’t be seen without the bling. On the nautical theme, how about an octopus necklace?
Octopus necklace

3. Weapons
The Kingdom of Jackals is a dangerous place – be sure to arm yourself with this awesome steampunked ‘Maverick’ Nerf Gun – complete with steam vents and flashlight. The blurb assures us that it is the same gun ‘used by our dear friend professor Friedrich Von Kreuzenberg , TIME TRAVEL specialist’ and that it will certainly ‘provide you safe journey to another dimension.’ Which can only be a good thing.
4. Gadgets
Every Steampunk musician needs the gadgets to go with their gizmos. How about your own Steampunk Guitar Amp. Custom built for that celebratory guitar solo when ‘You have just created something that goes against the very nature of the order of the cosmos in your laboratory deep in the bowels of your castle.’

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