Nevernight is out NOW!

Never flinch. Never fear. Never forget. The incredible Nevernight is out now, and here are just a few of the reviews… ‘If you love Robin Hobb or George R.R. Martin, you will adore Nevernight‘ Starburst Magazine ‘The Venetian-style city, colorful profanity and quick-witted banter of Scott Lynch’s Gentlemen Bastards;… Read More

Reviews for The Echo

‘Well-written, intelligent and suffused with palm-dampening tension’ The Daily Mail  Last week, James Smythe’s dark, stunning story of a team of astronauts sent to explore the depths of space was released and the reviews are starting to pile in.. ‘Philosophical and bleakly intriguing… Just as twisted… Read More

The Explorer is out in the UK

Published earlier this month in the US, James Smythe’s The Explorer is now out in hardback in the UK. To add to the amazing quotes we shared earlier this month, there has been EVEN MORE early praise for this dark, SF thriller,… Read More