The Black Rood

Second volume of the magnificent historical saga set at the time of the Holy Crusades

Duncan knows little of the Great Crusade until his uncle, Torf-Einar, reappears with news that the holy Cross of the Crucifixion – the Black Rood – has been discovered and is in the possession of the Knights Templar.

Against his father, Murdo’s, wishes, he sets off on a dangerous quest to return it to Scotland, accompanied only by his friend, the monk Padraig. The quest leads them to Armenia, Syria and Egypt, and soon the two become drawn into the dark intrigues of the Templars, who have begun to assert their power throughout the new kingdoms of the Holy Land.

This magnificent and exciting historical fantasy recounts the bloodiest of all times – the early years of the last millennium – when treachery and brutal battle were commonplace, and men often survived by faith alone.