Dark Heavens - Red Phoenix (Dark Heavens, Book 2)

By Kylie Chan

The demon threat closes around mortals and gods alike… When Emma became nanny to John Chen’s daughter, she never expected to be caring for the child of a Chinese god, or that all the demons in hell would want him dead.

Now she’s in love with John, and they are hunted from China to Europe by a race of demons. But who are the real pawns in this deadly celestial game?

Kylie Chan’s Dark Heavens trilogy is the most exciting Urban Fantasy debut of 2010. Already a smash-hit in the author’s native Australia it brings a world of Oriental Gods, martial arts action and romance to the genre.

Author: Kylie Chan
Format: ebook
Release Date: 27 Oct 2011
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-744355-0
Kylie Chan married a Hong Kong national in a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony and lived in Hong Kong for many years. She now lives in Queensland with her two children. White Tiger is her first novel.

”'it is a book that I have read over and over and still find myself just as excited as the first time… Skillfully created story with wonderful characters and a gripping storyline.” - from Goodreads

”'Kylie Chan continues this series in the irreverent style that made the first book so readable. The story hurtles along and takes you with it for a wild ride.” - from Library Thing

”'[the Dark Heavens trilogy] is impossible to put down… you're missing out if you don't rush out and get them” - Lunch.com