Legends 2

By Edited by Robert Silverberg

From the most celebrated writers of modern fantasy fiction, the most fabulous worlds ever created. Eleven breathtaking new short novels, each set in the unique universe that brought its author world-wide acclaim, are here gathered together in one outstanding volume.

Robin Hobb introduces us to another part of her Realm of the Elderlings in Homecoming.

George R. R. Martin returns to an earlier era of the world of A Song of Ice and Fire to tell the tale of The Sworn Sword.

The Yazoo Queen is a new story from Orson Scott Card’s world of the Tales of Alvin Maker.

Diana Gabaldon gives us Lord John and the Succubus, a new Outlander tale.

Robert Silverberg returns to the giant world of Majipoor for The Book of Changes.

Tad Williams brings us a new tale from the Otherland: The Happiest Dead Boy in the World.

Anne McCaffrey returns to Pern for Beyond Between.

The Messenger, by Raymond E. Feist, is a new story from his ever-popular Riftwar.

Elizabeth Hayden brings us Threshold, a fresh tale from The Symphony of Ages.

With The Monarch of the Glen Neil Gaiman returns to the world of American Gods.

Terry Brooks gives us Indomitable, a new Shannara story.