Daughter from the Dark

By Marina Dyachenko and Sergey Dyachenko

In this extraordinary stand-alone novel, the authors and translator of Vita Nostra return with a story about creation, music, and companionship filled with their hallmark elements of subtle magic and fantasy.

Late one night, fate brings together DJ Aspirin and ten-year-old Alyona. After he tries to save her from imminent danger, she ends up at his apartment. But in the morning sinister doubts set in. Who is Alyona? A young con artist? A plant for a nefarious blackmailer? Or perhaps a long-lost daughter Aspirin never knew existed? Whoever this mysterious girl is, she now refuses to leave.

A game of cat-and-mouse has begun.

Claiming that she is a musical prodigy, Alyona insists she must play a complicated violin piece to find her brother. Confused and wary, Aspirin knows one thing: he wants her out of his apartment and his life. Yet every attempt to get rid of her is thwarted by an unusual protector: her plush teddy bear that may just transform into a fearsome monster.

Alyona tells Aspirin that if he would just allow her do her work, she’ll leave him – and this world. He can then return to the shallow life he led before her. But as outside forces begin to coalesce, threatening to finally separate them, Aspirin makes a startling discovery about himself and this ethereal, eerie child.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 07 Jan 2021
Pages: 304
ISBN: 978-0-00-837310-8
Marina and Sergey Dyachenko, a former actress and a former psychiatrist, are the co-authors of Vita Nostra and twenty-eight other novels and numerous short stories and screenplays. They were born in Ukraine, lived in Russia, and now live in the United States. Their books have been translated into several foreign languages and awarded multiple literary and film prizes, including the 2005 Eurocon Award for Best Authors. They live in Marina Del Rey, California.Julia Meitov Hersey is the translator of Vita Nostra. Born in Moscow, she studied journalism at Moscow State University. At the age of nineteen she moved to Boston, and now lives on a beautiful peninsula north of the city. Currently, she is working on translating other Dyachenko novels into English.

”'Vita Nostra—a cross between Lev Grossman’s The Magicians and Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian . . . is the anti-Harry Potter you didn’t know you wanted.” - — Washington Post on Vita Nostra

”'Vita Nostra has become a powerful influence on my own writing. It’s a book that has the potential to become a modern classic of its genre, and I couldn’t be more excited to see it get the global audience in English it so richly deserves.'” - Lev Grossman on Vita Nostra