In memory of ‘Crash’, by Beatrice and Fay Ballard – #BFIVoyager

To celebrate the re-publication of J.G. Ballard’s ‘Crash‘ with a new introduction from Zadie Smith, 4th Estate asked Beatrice and Fay, the author’s daughters, to collect their memories of their father at the time he was writing the novel. They replied with two equally touching pieces. Thank you, Beatrice… Read More

Peter Newman (@runpetewrite) on Contact! – #BFIVoyager

For me, science fiction is all about contact, where human beings interact with new technology or new species and how each then changes the other. Growing up, science fiction shaped me in many ways, small and large. Star Wars altered the way I thought about Lego long before… Read More

Letters from Ray Bradbury – #BFIVoyager

We asked Dawn Sinclair, HarperCollins’s archivist, to rummage through our Glasgow vaults for any SF-related treasures they might be hiding. She surfaced with these fantastic letters from the dearly departed Ray Bradbury, which we now share with you for the #BFIVoyager Festival. The first letter, concerning the publication of Bradbury’s 1969 short story… Read More

An interview with writer and director David Cronenberg (Part II) – #BFIVoyager

The long-awaited publishing of Consumed gave Candice Carty-Williams a chance to talk to its writer, the director and king of venereal horror, David Cronenberg. In this wonderfully in-depth yet satisfyingly broad three-part interview, they speak about the book, Cronenberg’s processes, how similar writing prose is to directing, film, existentialism, the advancement of technology, and nausea. Read More

An interview with Dean Johnson (@activrightbrain) – #BFIVoyager

Tell us about yourself I have spent nearly 30 years pushing the boundaries of publishing, design and technology in digital and physical environments. I wouldn’t have done this if I wasn’t having fun and adding value. I love cars, music, movies, books, spaceships, time-travel and art so I’m lucky… Read More

Meet Mark Lawrence (@Mark__Lawrence) – #BFIVoyager

As part of our online science fiction festival, #BFIVoyager, we asked authors, directors, bloggers and experts of all different kinds, to share their thoughts on sci-fi. Here is author and scientist Mark Lawrence talking about what sparked his love of sci-fi… Tell us about yourself I’m a research scientist… Read More