#VirtualVoyager Cover Showcase

The amazing design team at HarperCollins has been busy creating absolutely wonderful covers for our digital authors and, with the final covers completed, brilliant junior designer Cherie Chapman takes us through the design process:

It’s a rare privilege when the whole team gets to contribute to a project. 

Back in October 2012, HarperVoyager began their search for new talent. For one month only, they opened their arms to submissions from aspiring authors. The response was overwhelmingly amazing and Voyager received over 5000 manuscripts, from all over the world! From this massive pool of writers, 15 titles were selected to become Voyager’s first digital authors. Each book has been produced primarily as an ebook, with a print on demand version to follow.

Once the covers were briefed, they were shared between eight designers within the HarperFiction Art Department. Our biggest challenge was to ensure that the designs portrayed the genre clearly and that they stood out at a thumbnail size, so the titles can compete within the ever-growing industry of digital publishing.

The covers below display the diverse range of work, spanning from epic and urban fantasy to science fiction. Each designer went all out and produced high-quality, unique covers. I believe that each cover captures just the right amount of the story to give you a glimpse of what the book holds. In doing all of this we made all the authors very happy.

If one of the covers intrigues you or catches your eye, why not give it a read? You never know, you might discover your next favourite author! Having read one of the manuscripts for inspiration on how to tackle the design for this new trilogy, I am extremely excited to read and design the next book!

Digital first covers SMALL


You can visit the design blog here and follow them on Twitter @HCStudio_UK

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