Peril’s Gate

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Harper Voyager
16 Jul 2001

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Peril’s Gate

Janny Wurts

The curse that hangs over the Master of Shadow, Arithon, and Lord of Light, Lysaer is drawing the two half-brothers ever closer toward direct conflict. For the Narural Balance to be maintained, the two must never fight, for if they do, one is sure to perish and the Mistwraith will regain its evil power over their world.

Even now, Lysaer – convinced now of his own godhead and aided in treacherous ways by the Koriani Sisterhood – is tracking the Masterbard through the snows and wastes of the winter-locked mountains and the Barrens of Daon Ramon. Arithon, tortured by his desperation at knowing that for the sake of future generations, he must not be killed, no matter at what cost of others’ lives now, but fighting valiantly to prevent unnecessary suffering, strikes out on his own; but he is injured and failing fast. Meanwhile, the ancient Paravians are stirring, summoned by trespassers on their sacred domain; and the Fellowship of Seven are battling on many other fronts, as the Mistwraith’s wards begin to break; and khadrim and free wraiths roam the land…