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A. G. Riddle

Luis Royo

Easton Royce

Geoff Ryman

Geoff Ryman was born in Canada, to a journalist mother and a father in science. It was through his mother that Geoff, when he was eight, had a short story published in the local paper. But it was his father who inspired Geoff with stories of lasers – it was a fascination which was to last. His father was also an artist, a talent which has been passed down to his son. Geoff’s apprenticeship to writing was long and hard. It was not the writing that was the problem but the imagination. His family moved to Los Angeles in 1963 and perhaps influenced by this city, he wanted to become an actor. In the mid 1970s when he had moved to London he realised that he really wanted to take his writing seriously, and his first short story was sold to New Worlds Ten in 1976. Geoff Ryman is the award winning author of 253 the world’s first internet novel, and the cult classics WAS and LUST. March 2006 sees the release of The King’s Last Song, a beautifully evocative and captivating tale set in Cambodia, which explores the legacy of war and the clash between East and West. Geoff Ryman will be opening Huddersfield Literary Festuval on Thursday 16 March 2006 and reading from The King’s Last...

Wendy Rathbone

Katherine Roberts

Katherine was born in Torquay in 1962 and spent her childhood in Devon and Cornwall. She graduated with a First in Mathematics from Bath University. Since then she has worked with computers, racehorses, and in a pet shop. She now lives in Ross-on-Wye, deep in the beautiful border country between England and Wales, where she writes children’s fantasy fiction. Katherine also tutors for the Focus on Fiction distance learning course, helps judge an annual Creative Writing Awards Scheme for local schools, and in her spare time exercises racehorses. Katherine Roberts is a bright new talent and rising star of the children’s book world. Her first book, SONG QUEST, for Element Books, won the first Branford Boase Award for an outstanding first novel. Her series for HarperCollinsChildren’s Books, THE SEVEN FABULOUS WONDERS, pulls together the strands of magic, fantasy, adventure and history to create a supremely readable collection of stories. The first of seven books, THE GREAT PYRAMID ROBBERY, was published in September 2001 to rave reviews. This was swiftly followed by THE BABYLON GAME in March 2002 and the third in the series, THE AMAZON TEMPLE QUEST, in December 2002. Each title in the series focuses on a different Wonder of the Ancient World and the fourth and fifth books, THE MAUSOLEUM MURDER (December 2003) and THE OLYMPIC CONSPIRACY (July 2004) perfectly continue the series, steeped as they are in history, legend and thrills. Katherine Roberts is a wonderful fantasy writer and available for events and interview. After doing much research into the Olympics for THE OLYMPIC CONSPIRACY, Katherine is now somewhat of an expert on the...

Kim Stanley Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson is widely regarded as one of the finest science fiction writers alive today. He has been writing since 1975 but is best known for his ‘Mars Trilogy’ which started with Red Mars published in 1992 which won the 1993 Nebula award for best novel, continued with Green Mars (1993) which won the 1994 Hugo Award for best novel and concluded with Blue Mars (1995) which also won the Hugo Award for best novel in 1996. He is also well known for his ‘Orange Country Trilogy’ (also known as Three California’s) which comprises of The Wild Shore (1984), The Gold Coast (1988) and Pacific Edge (1990) with Pacific Edge winning the Campbell Memorial Award. KSR was born in Waukegan, US on the 23rd March 1952 but spent his early years in California. In 1974 received a B.A. in Literature from UC San Diego before studying at Boston University where he gained an M.A. in English in 1975. His 1982 Ph. D. thesis was published as The Novels of Philip K. Dick in 1984. He married his wife, Lisa Howland Nowell in 1982 and they now have two sons. He lived in Switzerland during the 80’s but has now returned to his beloved California. KSR has won almost every science fiction award possible for both his novels and short stories. To date he has won the Nebula, Hugo (twice), Asimov, John W. Campbell Memorial, Locus and World Fantasy Awards. His work has been a huge critical and popular success with the ‘Mars Trilogy’. Prior to his Mars novels he also wrote Icehenge (1984), The Memory of Whiteness (1985), Escape from Kathmandu (1989) and A Short Sharp Shock (1990). His first collection of short stories was The Planet on the Table (1986) followed by...

Joel Rosenberg