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Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore has been a published author since the mid 1990’s, having already written several acclaimed, and well received fantasy books for older children and young adults. His first fantasy novel for grown-ups, Graynelore, published in 2015.

Paul McAuley

Paul McAuley was born in England on St George’s Day 1955, and has been thinking about the future for most of his life. He has worked as a researcher and lecturer in biology in various universities before becoming a full-time writer. His novels and short stories have won the Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, John W. Campbell and British Fantasy Society Awards. He lives in North London. 2001, when the present finally intersects the future, is an exciting year for Paul McAuley. It sees the publication of two novels: ‘The Secret of Life’, a gripping near-future thriller about the implications of biotechnology and the discovery of life on Mars (out now); and ‘Whole Wide World’, a crime novel set in a fully-wired day-after-tomorrow London, due to be published in hardback in...

Andy Meisler

Andy Meisler writes about television for several publications, including the ‘New York Times’. He is the co-author with Cynthia Garvey of ‘The Secret Life of Cyndy Garvey’, co-author with Norma McCorvey of ‘Freedom of Choice’, and the author of ‘I Am Roe: My Life, Roe v. Wade’. He lives with his wife in Los...

Ben Mezrich

Ben Mezrich worked variously as a cartoonist, legal researcher, communications specialist and television production assistant before writing his first novel Threshold, then Reaper. A Harvard graduate and X-Files fan, he lives in Boston.

Sasha Miller

Sasha Miller is the author of a number of fantasy novels, including Falcon Magic, a novel in Andre Norton’s grand cycle of novels, Witch World: The Turning. A native Oklahoman, she now lives in Colorado with her husband, where she writes her novels and is active on the Internet.

Stephen Molstad

James Mallory

James Mallory is the pseudonym of an award-winning author.

Les Martin

Les Martin has written dozens of books for young readers, including the ‘Indiana Jones’ novels. He lives in New York City.

Josh Malerman

Josh Malerman’s literary output began as a young child as he wrote about a space-travelling dog. During his many years spent as lead singer and guitarist for band The High Strung, Josh never stopped writing, until one day, the drafts began to form chilling debut Bird Box, published in 2015. Josh lives in Michigan and tweets at...

Drew Magary

Drew Magary is a writer for Deadspin, NBC, Maxim magazine, and Kissing Suzy Kolber. He’s also written for GQ, New York Magazine, ESPN, Yahoo!, Playboy, Penthouse, and various other media outlets. His first book, Men With Balls, was released in 2008. This is his first novel. He lives in Maryland with his wife and...

Fiona McIntosh

Originally from Brighton, Fiona McIntosh moved to Australia in her teens and forged a successful career in travel – running a business with her husband – before becoming a writer. She continues her work and on top of this not only writes at least two books a year, but also spearheads the Fab Fantasy Bookclub – Australia’s premier fantasy bookclub. She lives in southern Australia with her husband, her two lovely sons, two mad dogs and two insane...

Sarah Micklem

I was born in Virginia, the second of three children. My parents moved frequently before settling in Rochester, New York. My father was a schoolteacher and a naturalist; my mother worked on issues of peace, justice, and support for families. Both my parents were and still are dedicated activists. I have early memories of marching in Ban the Bomb protests. As a ninth-grader, I helped found a short-lived private school without mandatory classes. This gave me the free time to read three science fiction books a day for an entire winter, and provided a graceful way to drop out of high school. After working in a restaurant and printing plant and trying to write a science fiction novel of my own, I concluded I’d better go to college. I got a General Equivalency Diploma and applied for Princeton University, hoping to work with Professor Gerard K. O’Neill, who had proposed the idea of orbiting space colonies. Princeton accepted me, but my dream of becoming a scientist ran headlong into the brick wall of calculus. I took a year off during college to marry a friend from high school, the poet Cornelius Eady. (Yes, he was already a poet, and we were friends in high school, not sweethearts). After my graduation, we moved to New York City, where I resettled refugees for a non-profit agency. When my husband took a teaching position in Virginia, I found a job there as a graphic designer, and was relieved to have discovered an enjoyable way to make a living. After returning to New York, I spent 14 years at Time Warner designing children’s magazines. In 1996, working with Cornelius and Toi Derricotte, I helped start Cave Canem, a thriving non-profit organization for African American poets that sponsors workshops,...

Stuart MacBride

Stuart MacBride was born in Dumbarton, near Glasgow and moved to Aberdeen at the age of two. After dropping out of university to work offshore he went to work for himself as a graphic designer, eventually becoming studio manager for a nationwide marketing company. He gave it all up to have a go at becoming an actor, until it became clear to him that he was never going to be good enough to make a decent living out of it. Whilst progressing through a whole new career in the IT sector, ending up as project manager for a global IT company, Stuart also wrote in his spare time. He is now the No.1 bestselling author of the Logan McRae series and the Ash Henderson series. His novels have won him the CWA Dagger in the Library, the Barry Award for Best Debut Novel, and Best Breakthrough Author at the ITV3 Crime Thriller awards. In 2012 Stuart was inducted into the ITV3 Crime Thriller Hall of Fame. Stuart’s other works include Halfhead, a near-future thriller, Sawbones, a novella aimed at adult emergent readers, and several short stories. He lives in the north-east of Scotland with his wife, Fiona and cat,...

George R. R. Martin

George R.R. Martin is the author of fifteen novels and novellas, including five volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire, several collections of short stories, as well as screenplays for television and feature films. Dubbed ‘the American Tolkien’, George R.R. Martin has won numerous awards including the World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award. He is an Executive Producer on HBO’s Emmy Award-winning Game of Thrones, which is based on his A Song of Ice and Fire series. He lives in Santa Fe, New...

Julian May

Born in Chicago, Illinois on July 10, 1931, Julian May discovered science fiction pulp magazines at the age of sixteen. She got involved in the world of science fiction fandom, exchanging letters with other fans. She eventually formalized her club as Science Fiction International and became publisher of its fanzine. At a convention she met future husband Ted Dikty (they were married from 1953 until his death in 1991) who would, in later life, serve as her editor and literary agent. May’s first short story, ‘Dune Roller’, was published in 1951. She meanwhile continued her interest in the world of sci-fi fandom, chairing the 10th World Science Fiction Convention in Chicon Illinois. In 1953 her second science fiction short story, ‘Star of Wonder’, was published in Thrilling Wonder Stories magazine. But the need to produce more substantial income led May to largely abandon science fiction writing in favour of a position as science editor for a Chicago encyclopedia publisher. Between 1953 and 1957 she produced roughly seven thousand encyclopedia articles. During this time she also managed to slip in the occasional comic strip (Buck Rogers), technical manual, as well as a catechism (produced jointly with a doctor of theology). In 1957, May and husband Ted Ditky co-founded Publication Associates, a production service for educational publishers. She herself began writing (and publishing) a plethora of juvenile non-fiction works, many of them on science and nature topics, as well as a number of biographies. May used a number of pseudonyms, including Ian Thorne, under which name she later (in the 1970s and ‘80s) created a string of chapter books based on classic monster characters including adaptations of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, as well as the more science fiction oriented Godzilla and It Came from Outer...

Jack McDevitt

Jack McDevitt is the author of numerous prize-winning short stories and novels. His first,‘The Hercules Test’, won the Philip K. Dick Special Award. ‘Engines of God’ was strongly praised by the trade in both the US and Britain and is still selling well. Jack lives in the US with his...

Juliet Marillier

Juliet Marillier was born in New Zealand and brought up in Dunedin, the ‘Edinburgh of the South’. She has a passionate interest in Celtic music and Irish folklore. A mother of two daughters and two sons, she lives in a rural area outside Perth in Western Australia