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Stephen Graham Jones

Dick Jude

Dick Jude is Manager of Forbidden Planet in London – the world’s greatest SF store – and Art Director of Fantasia Online, an Internet gallery dedicated to the best in fantasy and SF art

Mike Jefferies

Mike Jefferies was brought up on a cattle station in Australia, worked his way through art school in London, sleeping rough for lack of a grant. After gaining his degree he worked in commercial art for a while, then carved rocking horses but became bored and learned to ride. He was later selected for the British 3-Day Event Team. Despite his dyslexia, he has now written ten...

Diana Wynne Jones

DIANA WYNNE JONES was born in August 1934 in London, where she had a chaotic and unsettled childhood against the background of World War II. The family moved around a lot, finally settling in rural Essex. As children, Diana and her two sisters were deprived of a good, steady supply of books by a father, ‘who could beat Scrooge in a meanness contest’. So, armed with a vivid imagination and an insatiable quest for good books to read, she decided that she would have to write them herself. She was extremely dyslexic, so when she told her parents she wanted to be a writer, they just laughed. However between ages of 12 and 14, the young writer completed two epic tales scrawled in a total of 20 copy books. This taught her from an early age the invaluable lesson of how to finish a book. Her higher education began in 1953 when she went up to St Anne’s College Oxford, and attended lectures by CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein. It was here she met her husband, John A Burrow, who is Professor of English at Bristol University. They married in 1956 and have three sons. She has written both children’s books and plays (mostly performed at the London Arts Theatre) and her first book was published in 1973. Between 1972 and 2011 she wrote over forty books. Her enviably fertile mind has allowed her to write prolifically, even when her three boys were small, and quite a handful! When writing, she is totally absorbed in the book and on one never-to-be forgotten occasion, her sons returned from school ravenous to find she had shoved a pair of muddy shoes in the oven for their tea! She says, ‘I am an inspirational writer. I forget...

Robin Jarvis

Robin Jarvis started writing in 1988 and quickly acquired a reputation as a bestselling children’s author with his acclaimed ‘Deptford Mice’ trilogy, and the ‘Whitby Witches’ (Macdonald). A multi-talented artist, he not only writes some thrilling stories, but also illustrates all his own books. In 1988, when he was a model maker by profession, Robin Jarvis had just moved to Deptford and was busy working on a huge green model alien for Channel 4! He used to produce sketches of the area, and strangely enough, of rodents, and when an editor saw these drawings she asked whether Robin had a story to go with them. Exchanging modelling tools for a pen, Robin produced the result that we know today, and from there his body of children’s fantasy adventures began to grow…. Shortlisted in the past for the Carnegie Prize and Smarties Award, Robin Jarvis has won the Lancashire Libraries Children’s Book of the Year Award twice, and has a cult following among children. ‘The Woven Path’, published in July 1995, was Robin Jarvis ‘s first book for CollinsChildren’s Books, and is the first in an exciting fantasy trilogy, ‘Tales from the Wyrd Museum’. ‘The Woven Path’ received substantial critical acclaim, went to the top of the children’s bestseller lists, and was runner-up in the Lancashire Libraries Award 1996 as well as being shortlisted for a number of other children’s book prizes. As one might expect, this story also grew from sketches, and features adventure, time-travel, London in the Blitz and the very peculiar Webster sisters, keepers of the sinister Wyrd Museum. Book Two in the trilogy, ‘The Raven’s Knot’, was published in paperback in February 1997. The thrilling conclusion to the chilling trilogy, ‘The Fatal Strand’, was published in hardback in April 1998 and...