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Politics in Fantasy: A Guide for New Writers

Gerrard Cowan

There’s a lot that goes into worldbuilding – geography, magic, culture…. But one thing looms over all of this: politics. The extent to which this is true depends very much on the book in question. In my books – the well-reviewed and very reasonably priced The Machinery Trilogy – politics is pretty much at the core of everything. In fact, the whole world is obsessed with politics, you could say, even more than Brexit Britain or Trump’s America. READ MORE...

The inspiration for Coldmaker

Daniel A. Cohen

COLDMAKER came out of two burning desires (pun intended). First and foremost, I very much wanted to explore a societal structure where the currency had a high inherent value, instead of just an assumed value. Basically I wanted to explore the barter system on steroids. I wanted the reader to feel the need for a particular currency, which in this world happens to be Cold itself, coming in five varying denominations (from least to most potent: Wisps, Drafts, Shivers, Chills, and the most holy of all, the Frost). READ MORE...

Read an extract from The Forever Ship

We have a thrilling extract from Francesca Haig’s The Forever Ship – the final instalment in the enthralling Fire Sermon Trilogy… PROLOGUE And so it did end in fire, after all: the flame bursting from its white centre. The blast opening like an eye. I’d seen that shape in my visions so many times that the explosion felt like coming home. READ MORE...