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#BFIVoyager – Definitive Content List

Rewriting the Script: Laura Liddell Nolen (@LauraLLNolen) gives 3 Reasons YA Sci-Fi Creates Spectacular Female Characters

An interview with David Zindell

Letters from Ray Bradbury

Female Characters in YA Science Fiction, Christi J. Whitney (@ChristiWhitney)

The soundtrack to James Smythe’s The Explorer (@jpsmythe)

In memory of ‘Crash’, by Beatrice and Fay Ballard

Nic Tatano (@NicTatano) on Why Star Trek is the Best Sci-Fi Series Ever

Ingrid Seymour (@Ingrid_Seymour) on why the YA genre needs to keep pushing gender boundaries

An interview with Jeff Vandermeer (@jeffvandermeer) and a book giveaway!

Win a signed copy of Veronica Roth’s Divergent Collection, Four

Visions of the Middle Distance, from the Observatory Press (@Observatweets)

My view of ‘Tomorrow’s World’, Jason W. LaPier (@JasonWLaPier)

An interview with writer and director David Cronenberg (Part I)

An interview with writer and director David Cronenberg (Part II)

An interview with David Cronenberg (Part III) and a competition!

Writing Sci Fi as a debut author, Gerrard Cowan (@GerrardCowan)

An interview with artist, writer and designer Stanley Donwood (@StanleyDonwood)

The World of Belt Three, John Ayliff (@johnayliff)

Jeff Pearce on the truth about tomorrow’s world

 A Q&A with Erik Laan @eriklaan

Meet Al Robertson (@al_robertson)

Meet Laura Liddell Nolen (@laurallnolen)

Meet Will Wiles (@willwiles)

Meet Emmi Itäranta (@emmi_elina)

An interview with Dean Johnson (@activrightbrain)

Meet Janet Edwards (@JanetEdwardsSF)

Meet Mark Lawrence

Meet Verushka (@Sydneyeditor1)

Meet Derek Landy (@DerekLandy)

Meet Liesel Schwarz (@Liesel_S)

Meet Gerrard Cowan ( @GerrardCowan)

Meet Joanne Harris (@Joannechocolat)

Meet Guy Hayley (@guyhayley)

Meet Jon Courtenay Grimwood (@joncg)

Meet Jason W LaPier (@JasonWLaPier)

Meet John Ayliff (@johnayliff)

Meet Marcus Chown (@marcuschown)

Meet Chris Brosnahan (@chrisbrosnahan)

Meet Kim Stanley Robinson

Meet Christi J. Whitney (@ChristiWhitney)


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