Publication Day: Jason LaPier’s Unexpected Rain

We’ve been raising a toast in the office (of our caffeinated beverage of choice – we’re a sensible lot here at Voyager HQ) as it’s Jason LaPier’s publication day today for UNEXPECTED RAIN. A murderous thriller set in space that’s as sumptuous inside as it is out, this is a fantastic, tightly written debut.

In a domed city on a planet orbiting Barnard’s Star, a recently hired maintenance man has just committed murder.

Unexpected Rain

Minutes later, the airlocks on the neighbourhood block are opened and the murderer is asphyxiated along with thirty-one innocent residents.

Jax, the lowly dome operator on duty at the time, is accused of mass homicide and faced with a mound of impossible evidence against him. His only ally is Runstom, the rogue police officer charged with transporting him to a secure off-world facility. The pair must risk everything to prove Jax didn’t commit the atrocity and uncover the truth before they both wind up dead.

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