Announcing the winner of the BFI Voyager short story competition


Drum roll please – we have a winner for the BFI Voyager Short Story Competition! We’re extremely excited to be able to let you know that the winner is Les Wood’s A DISTANT FEELING. This is a beautiful and poignant story about two souls who find each other in a crowd (although not quite in the way you might expect).

Rachel Winterbottom, Voyager’s Assistant Editor, says: “it was a lovely, lyrical story that was an absolute joy to read. The darker themes were dealt with beautifully and the conclusion gave us all goosebumps”

The story will be released as a free ebook and will be available soon via the Voyager website.  We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

Les Wood lives in Barrhead near Glasgow, and has had numerous short stories and poetry published in various anthologies and magazines – follow him on twitter here.

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