12 Days of Dragons: Fantus

In celebration of the release of George R.R. Martin’s The Ice Dragon, out now, we are looking at some of the most fearsome and fantastic dragons in fantasy. Today’s dragon comes from Raymond E Feist’s Riftwar series: Fantus.


Fantus started out as a companion of Kulgan and Meecham when they are both living at Crydee. After Pug became apprenticed to Kulgan for fifteen months, Fantus had become a winged, scaled house pet to most of the staff of the castle, especially the head cookMegar; although some still find his appearance disquieting, like Princess Carline.

Later, during the Riftwar, Fantus finds his way to the Kingdom’s staging point in order to become reacquainted with Kulgan. It is here he meets William, who became his close companion in later years. It was discovered that William is able to talk to Fantus as part of his magical abilities.

After William’s death, Fantus disappeared, and his location is currently unknown. [Source]

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